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000's more free lessons. Luxembourg to develop asteroid mining
6th February
The nation of Luxembourg is a new player in the space race. Its government is putting money into the asteroid mining industry. Zika virus could affect 4 million people
2nd February
The World Health Organisation (WHO) said the Zika virus could become a global pandemic. Bananas in danger of becoming extinct
27th January
The world's most common banana, the Cavendish, could become extinct. A fungus called TP4 is killing millions of banana plants.
qPICp Women have to pay more in shops
21st January
Women pay more than men in shops. The Times newspaper found that many products for women cost twice as much... New action to stop nuisance phone calls
15th January
People hate telephone calls from companies trying to sell them something. UN promises action on N Korea nuclear test
9th January
The UN will begin work to take action against North Korea. The UN believes North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb. More people to stick to New Year's resolutions
3rd January
The year 2016 will be a good one for people to keep their New Year's resolutions. These are the promises we make to lose weight... Centuries-old diseases coming back
28th December
Many diseases that had almost disappeared are coming back. There is a big rise in the number of people with diseases such as... Air France plane in bomb scare
22nd December
There was a bomb scare on an Air France plane. It was flying from Mauritius to Paris. A passenger found something strange in a toilet. Ed Sheeran takes a year's break from social media
16th December
Singer Ed Sheeran is taking a break from social media. He is fed up with looking at small screens. Harmful bacteria getting stronger
10th December
Researchers say people could be in danger from superbugs if they eat undercooked meat. Antibiotics in our food are making... Pet dogs lower stress in kids
4th December
Having a pet dog helps to reduce children's stress. A new study shows that petting a dog really helps stressed kids. Putin warns Turkey after shooting of warplane
28th November
Russia has warned Turkey it would pay for shooting down one of its warplanes. Turkish fighter jets shot down a Russian plane. Europe must 'wake up' to terror threats
22nd November
France has said European countries must "wake up" to terror after the attacks on Paris, which killed 129 people. Amazon enters UK grocery shopping market
16th November
Amazon has entered the grocery delivery business with a new service called Amazon Pantry. A pantry is a small room in a house... More and more 70-year-olds working
10th November
British 70-74-year-olds are working to an older age. Their number has doubled in the past decade. Couple must lose pets or home
4th November
An English couple could lose their home because of their pets. Clive and Rose Restall live with their 21 pet guinea pigs. Processed meat causes cancer, says WHO
29th October
A report from the WHO says processed meat causes cancer. Processed meat includes bacon, hot dogs, ham... The Force Awakens breaks ticket records
23rd October
The new Star Wars movie doesn't debut in cinemas until December, but it is already big news. Pompeii thieves say relics are cursed
17th October
The ancient city of Pompeii gets thousands of tourists every year. It is one of Italy's biggest tourist sights. Jobless young people a big problem
11th October
The number of jobless young people worldwide is very high. Over 73 million 15-24-year-olds want to work but cannot find a job. French radio wants to play English songs
5th October
French DJs are angry about a new government rule. They are already unhappy because 40 per cent of the songs they play... Brad Pitt movie scares farm animals
29th September
A new Brad Pitt movie is in the headlines for scaring farm animals. The movie is called 'The Lost City of Z'. Dementia will rise in the future
23rd September
One in three British people born this year will suffer from dementia. Dementia is when the brain no longer works properly due to illness... Smaller plates help reduce obesity
17th September
New research says a simple, easy way to help people who over-eat is to use smaller plates, knives, forks, and glasses. Top soccer video game has women's teams
11th September
A best-selling video game has more options to get more women players. Earth has lost half its trees because of humans
5th September
There is good and bad news about trees on our planet. The good news is that there are seven times more than we thought.
  A billion people on Facebook in one day
30th August
A billion people used Facebook in one day for the first time. The boss of Facebook said it was a big achievement.
  Saudi women to vote for first time
24th August
Saudi Arabian women are registering to vote for the first time ever. They will vote in elections later this year.
  Reports of doping cover-up in athletics
18th August
A British newspaper has said that a third of the world's top athletes at the 2011 World Athletics Championships in South Korea cheated.
  Singapore celebrates 50 years of independence
12th August
Singapore celebrated its fiftieth birthday. It became independent on August 8th, 1965.
  Obama announces new Clean Power Plan
6th August
Barack Obama has a new plan to fight climate change, called the Clean Power Plan. He said it would protect America's economy and health.
  Technology goods to become cheaper
30th July
A new world trade agreement will make IT products cheaper. Over 50 countries will end import duties on 200 IT products.
  Man gets world's first bionic eye
24th July
A British man can see again because of a new bionic eye. Ray Flynn, 80, is the first patient in the world to get the new eye.
  Plan to return the wolf to Scotland
18th July
A charity called Rewilding Britain wants a large area of Scotland to be the same as it was a thousand years ago.
  Mount Fuji gets free Wi-Fi
12th July
Japan's snow-covered Mount Fuji is world famous. Nearly 300,000 people climb it every year. Now they can post about it on Twitter or Facebook.
  Solar-powered plane makes history
6th July
The Solar Impulse 2 airplane has made history by flying 6,500 kilometres from Japan to Hawaii. Solar panels cover the plane.
  Disney bans selfie sticks at theme parks
30th June
Disney will ban selfie sticks at its theme parks from July the 1st. It is the latest company to ban the sticks.
  Taylor Swift pulls album from Apple Music
24th June
Taylor Swift has removed her album '1989' from Apple Music. She disagrees with Apple giving her music away for free.
  Jurassic World breaks box office record
18th June
Jurassic World broke box office records around the world. It is the first movie to make more than $500 million on its opening weekend.
  Mobile phones in class lower test scores
12th June
There is bad news for students who use mobile phones in class. New research says students do not learn very well when they text. in class.
  India bans Maggi noodles in Delhi
6th June
India has banned the best selling Maggi instant noodles. The noodles are from the company Nestlé.
  Blatter boss of FIFA for 4 more years
31st May
Sepp Blatter is president of FIFA again. He beat his only rival in a vote on Friday. Mr Blatter has another four years as...
  Farmers help ease water problems in California
25th May
California has the worst drought in its history. Water supplies are at very low levels. The government has done many things to...
  Prince Harry calls for return of military service
19th May
Britain's Prince Harry wants military service to return. This is when people spend time in the army before work or university.
  Babies make husbands lazier
13th May
Research says that husbands do not help enough around the house. A study from an American university says it is rare for...
  Britain's new princess named Charlotte
7th May
Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their new baby daughter Charlotte. She was born on...
  Bullied kids at higher risk of mental health problems
1st May
A new study says bullied children have mental health problems when they are adults. They are more likely to...
  NZ PM in ponytail-pulling problem
25th April
New Zealand's leader John Key is in trouble because he pulled a waitress' hair in a café. He apologised after...
  60 is the new middle age, not 50
19th April
People think middle age has been around the age of 50. This is when we grow 'old'. A new study from the IIAS says middle age starts at 60.
  Castro and Obama in historic handshake
13th April
The USA and Cuba may soon have better relations. The leaders of the two countries shook hands at the Summit of the Americas.
  More British people fixing their own teeth
7th April
People can now repair their own teeth with special dental kits that cost as little as $7. People are buying them...
  Arab League agrees to make Arab "army"
1st April
The Arab League will make an Arab "army" with perhaps 40,000 soldiers. It will be like NATO.
  London drivers face idling fine
26th March
There will soon be a $30 fine in London if people do not turn off their engine. This is to lower pollution.
  Money makes you a bad person
20th March
A professor says having a lot of money makes you bad. He spent ten years studying the personalities of rich people.
  BBC Top Gear star 'punches' producer
14th March
The BBC suspended one of its big stars, Jeremy Clarkson. People say he hit a producer.
  U.S. circus to end use of elephants
8th March
One of America's biggest circuses will soon end elephants in its shows. The circus said it would stop by 2018.
  Cut music to an hour a day
2nd March
The WHO has warned that a billion teenagers and young people are damaging their hearing with loud music.
  Scientists invent 'anti-ageing' chocolate
24th February
Can chocolate keep you younger looking? It is too good to be true. Scientists have made an anti-ageing chocolate.
  13-year-old invents new Braille printer
18th February
A 13-year-old, Shubham Banerjee, has made a machine to help blind people read. It uses Braille...
  HSBC bank helped the rich hide money
12th February
The BBC says the bank HSBC helped rich people hide money to not pay tax.
  Britain says yes to 3-parent babies
5th February
In the U.K. there will soon be babies that come from the DNA of three different people.
  University students take 'impossible' exam
1st February
Nearly 100 students at an English university are angry about an economics exam.
  90-year-old starts elementary school
28th January
A 90-year-old is now the world's oldest elementary school student. Priscilla Sitienei is from a small village in Kenya.
  Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies
24th January
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, 90, died Friday morning. He was the world's oldest leader.
  Academy Awards are 'for white men'
20th January
People are angry that the movie industry is run by "old white men".
  Unemployed young people very stressed
16th January
A British survey says a third of young, unemployed people often "fall apart". They are stressed and cannot control their...
  Record number of flowers bloom
12th January
Scientists are surprised at how many flowers are open in the U.K. this winter. Usually, between 20 and 30 types of flowers are open.
  Man waits 3 hours for ambulance
8th January
A man broke his leg and waited three hours for an ambulance. Luigi Segadelli broke his leg playing rugby.
  Fatherhood lessons to help families stay together
4th January
The U.K. will start a new project to help men with fatherhood. Men can take lessons on how to be a better parent.
  Xiaomi becomes third-largest smartphone maker
31st December
A four-year-old Chinese tech company has become the world's third-largest smartphone maker, behind Samsung and Apple.
  Video games should be in Olympics
27th December
A designer of the World of Warcraft game has said video games should be in the Olympics.
  Pie-eating contest ends because pies too big
23rd December
The World Pie Eating Championships ended in disaster because the pies were too big.
  Major breakthrough in US-Cuba relations
19th December
New relations are starting between the USA and Cuba. It will be the first time for over fifty years.
  Korean Air exec quits after 'nut-rage'
15th December
The vice-president of Korean Air has quit because of a bag of nuts. Cho Hyun-ah, 40, was flying first class.
  TV sales fell for the first time ever in U.K.
11th December
Things are not so good for makers of televisions in the U.K. The number of homes with a TV fell for the first time ever.
  Disabled access to U.K. stores poor
7th December
Britain's government says access for disabled people in stores is "shocking".
  Irish woman on soccer Goal of the Year list
3rd December
An Irish woman could win FIFA's Goal of the Year award. Stephanie Roche plays international football for Ireland.
  Black Friday brings out bargain hunters
29th November
Millions of bargain hunters across the world went shopping on Black Friday. Stores gave discounts of up to 70 per cent.
  Price war over taxi apps
25th November
There is a worldwide price war among taxi companies. There is more competition for passengers.
  Unhappy marriages can break the heart
21st November
A study says unhappily married people have a higher risk of a broken heart. A bad marriage is riskier and more stressful.
  McDonald's says no GM French fries
17th November
The U.S.A. said a new GM potato is OK to eat. McDonald's will not use it for French fries.
  Hip-hop can help mental illness
13th November
Doctors at Cambridge University said hip-hop can help depressed and mentally ill people.
  Lower speed limit for New York City
9th November
Drivers in New York have to drive more slowly. There is a new speed limit of 25 mph (40 kph). This is for 90 per cent of the city's streets.
  Europe needs to support technology more
5th November
Google's boss Larry Page has said Europe needs to be like Silicon Valley and support technology companies more.
  Galapagos tortoises out of danger
1st November
Giant Galapagos tortoises were once endangered. In the 1960s, there were just 15 of them. They were dying out.
  More gum disease today than 2,000 years ago
28th October
People have more gum disease today than they did 2,000 years ago.
  Toy store stops selling drug-dealer dolls
24th October
Toys R Us has stopped selling a drug-dealer doll from a popular American TV series. The figure had bags of drug money and blue drugs.
  Barack Obama's credit card problem
20th October
Even the U.S. President has embarrassing credit card moments. Barack Obama was in an expensive New York restaurant.
  Somalia postal service back after 20 years
16th October
Somalia has restarted its postal system. The old postal service finished in 1991 because of wars.
  Greenpeace gets Lego to end ties with Shell
12th October
The toy maker Lego said it will no longer continue its $110 million partnership with the oil company Shell.
  Money does not make children pass exams
8th October
A report says money does not help children to pass exams. Parents could be wasting their money by doing this.
  'Tom and Jerry' cartoon gets racism warning
4th October is warning customers that some Tom and Jerry shows are racist. Amazon has put a warning on one series of the show.
  Indian leader calls for global yoga day
30th September
India's leader has asked other world leaders at the United Nations to start an International Yoga Day.
  U.S. city will fine people who waste food
26th September
Seattle is starting fines for people who waste food. The city will start warning people in January.
  Sahara desert twice as old as we thought
22nd September
Science books say the Sahara is three million years old. A new study from a climate research centre says it is seven million years old.
  Noisy neighbours biggest problem
18th September
A quarter of British people had problems with their neighbours in the past year.
  Thousands wake up during surgery
14th September
Thousands of patients a year in the U.K. wake up in operations. A report from anaesthetists said several thousand patients a year wake up.
  Number of blue whales increasing
10th September
Scientists have good news - numbers of blue whales in the eastern Pacific Ocean are at their highest in over a century.
  Food crime is an international problem
6th September
There is a new food danger. Criminals are selling fake food to supermarkets. The food could be very dangerous.
  Blue most common eye colour in Britain
2nd September
Scientists have mapped the eye colour of people in Britain. The most common colour is blue. Thousands of years ago it was brown.
  Indian woman fights and kills leopard
29th August
An Indian woman killed a leopard that attacked her near her village. Kamla Devi, 56, was fetching water...
  Shoppers in Venezuela to be fingerprinted
25th August
People panic and buy too much when they see things in stores.
  16-year-old joins F1 team as race driver
21st August
In most countries you have to be 18 to drive a car. Max Verstappen is 16. He just signed for a Formula 1 racing team.
  No work E-mail for workers on vacation
17th August
It is difficult for workers to switch off from work. Many workers answer or write e-mails going to and from work…
  We clean our teeth the wrong way
13th August
Scientists said we clean our teeth the wrong way. Different dentists give us different advice.
  People use technology more, sleep less
9th August
British people spend more time using technology than sleeping. A communications agency found that Britons use...
  Man pushes vegetable up mountain with his nose
5th August
People do crazy things for charity. An English man has just pushed a Brussels sprout with his nose up the highest mountain in Wales.
  Millions of workers live with parents
1st August
Two million workers in the U.K. live with their parents because they cannot buy or rent a home.
  Falling insect numbers dangerous to humans
28 July
The number of insects has fallen by 45 per cent since 1980. The number of humans has doubled.
  Beef production damages the environment
24th July
Scientists say beef production damages the environment. It is ten times more harmful than the production of other meat.
  Bad teeth top reason for children in hospital
16th July
The biggest reason why U.K. children go to hospital is bad teeth. Up to 500 children a week go to hospital because...
  Pilot buys pizza for 157 passengers
12th July
An airplane pilot bought his passengers pizza. The pilot works for a U.S. airline. His flight was delayed for five hours.
  Heavy metal headbanging can damage brain
8th July
Doctors warned that headbanging could be bad for you. Headbanging is a dance that fans of heavy metal music like. People quickly shake their heads backwards and forwards.
  Japanese show robot news readers
28th June
Japanese scientists have made the world's first news-reading robots. They look, sound and act like...
  New prayer house for three religions
24th June
A new project in Germany will see the world's first building for Christians, Jews and Muslims. It is called the 'House of One' and will open in 2016. People can…
  250 extra characters added to Internet
20th June
An organization that controls the Internet has added 250 characters in a recent update. The letters, numbers...
  N. Korea leader unhappy with weather forecasts
16th June
North Korea's Kim Jong-un is unhappy with weather forecasts. He said they are "incorrect". It is unusual for the leader to...
  Jennifer Lopez won't sing World Cup song
12th June
U.S. singer Jennifer Lopez was going to sing the official song at the opening ceremony of the World Cup. However, she has...
  Workers must take lunch breaks
8th June
A study said many people work through their lunch hour. This is unhealthy. People get sick and take time off work...
  World Cup players must sing national anthem
4th June
England's soccer coach, Roy Hodgson, has told his players they must sing their national anthem at the World Cup….
  Scientists tell WHO e-cigarettes are helpful
31st May
Many scientists wrote to the WHO ahead of World No Tobacco Day on May the 31st. They do not want the WHO to...
  The best companies to work for
27th May
A report has listed the best 25 companies in the USA to work for. It asked employees about their happiness. Top of the list was...
  Major supermarket bans candy from checkouts
23rd May
A big U.K. supermarket will remove all candy and chocolates from its checkouts. There will be no sweets at checkouts by the end...
  Travel company ends 'unethical' animal tours
19th May
The STA Travel company is ending tours to many of the world's animal attractions. STA sells holidays, flights and...
  The world's strangest hotel complaints
15th May
A travel website survey on hotel complaints found some unusual things. surveyed 400 hotel...
  World helps Nigeria look for kidnapped girls
11th May
Many countries are helping Nigeria to find over 220 schoolgirls kidnapped last week by the Islamist group Boko Haram. The USA, China, France, Britain...
  Number of children in Japan at record low
7th May
Japan has its lowest number of children ever. Figures released the day before the country's Children's Day holiday on ...
  Superbugs that medicine can't kill
3rd May
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said the medicines that we use to keep away diseases no longer work.
  Record Store Day helps sell records
29th April
Younger people have never seen or played a real record – what music was on before CDs and MP3s. People are...
  Novelist Gabriel García Márquez dies
21st April
Gabriel García Márquez, one of the greatest writers ever, has died at his home in Mexico. He was 87. The Colombian writer won ...
  Companies still fixing Heartbleed bug
17th April
Companies are trying to make their websites safe from a new bug. It is called Heartbleed. It is a hole in software security. ...
  European leaders rap to win votes
13th April
European leaders used rap to win votes. They want young people to vote for them. More young people aren't interested in ...
  Too much jogging could shorten your life
9th April
Running every day is good for our health, but new research says running too much could be bad for us.
  Turkey court says Twitter helps free speech
5th April
A Turkish court has said the country's Twitter ban damages free speech and people's right to express themselves.
  People want drivers to park cars on roads
1st April
People are angry about cars parked on pavements. They cannot walk safely on the street. They have to walk into the road to get around cars.
  Britons most afraid of heights and snakes
28th March
A survey from a U.K. company shows what British people are most afraid of. Top of the list is heights.
  Kenya to let men have many wives
24th March
Kenya will soon have a new marriage law. Female politicians hate it because men can have as many wives as they want.
  Panasonic China staff to get "pollution pay"
16th March
Panasonic will pay its Japanese staff in China "pollution pay". This is because of China's poor air quality.
  Texting while walking is dangerous
12th March
Writing text messages is dangerous when you walk. It is more dangerous than driving and texting.
  One in three EU women experienced violence
8th March
A third of women in the European Union have experienced violence. A survey on human rights found that 62 million women over the age of 15 have experienced violence.
  Half-a-billion dollars of bitcoins disappear
4th March
A company in Japan lost $473 million of bitcoins. The company is called Mt. Gox. It lost 850,000 bitcoins.
  Couple finds $10 million of coins in garden
28th February
A California couple got a big surprise last year while walking in the garden. They found 1,427 gold coins under a tree. The coins are worth $10 million.
  Robots smarter than humans by 2029
26th February
A scientist said robots will be more intelligent than humans by 2029. Ray Kurzweil, Google's Director of Engineering, is an expert on artificial intelligence (A.I.).
  Wikipedia may become million-page book
22nd February
A publisher wants to print all 4.3 million of the articles from There will be 1,000 books, each with 1,200 pages.
  U.N. 'very sorry' as Syria talks end in failure
18th February
Lakhdar Brahimi, the head of Syria's peace talks, has apologised to Syrians. His job was to help end Syria's civil war. Syria's government and rebel leaders are talking to end the war.
  UK to ban smoking in cars with kids
14th February
Britain will ban smoking in cars with children. It wants to stop children from passive smoking. This is when someone breathes in smoke from a cigarette.
  Hot drinks biggest cause of kids' burns
10th February
Hot drinks are the biggest causes of burns in children. New research says parents must be more aware of the dangers of everyday things in the home.
  Future rats could be the size of sheep
6th February
Rats the size of sheep are in horror movies. However, scientists say giant rats could be real in the future. They could weigh 80kg. Rats are now all over the Earth.
  250 million children cannot read or write
2nd February
The United Nations says over 250 million children of primary school age cannot read, write or do basic maths. 120 million children have spent little or no time in school.
  Online dining latest craze in South Korea
29th January
Watching people eat online is the new craze in South Korea. It is very popular. Over 3,500 people have eating shows. Thousands of people watch them. One famous Internet diner, Ms Park, has thousands of followers.
  Almost no poor countries by 2035
25th January
Bill Gates said that by 2035, there will be almost no poor countries. The World Bank says there are 35 poor countries. The people live in them have very little money.
  Smog makes Beijing put sunrise on giant TV
21st January
It's difficult to see the sun in Beijing. The air is full of smoke and fog. This smog is so thick that it blocks the sun. People want to see the sun. Beijing's leaders put giant TV screens in the city.
  British Museum has most successful year
17th January
The British Museum had its best year ever in 2013. It had more than 6.7 million visitors. Over a million more people visited last year than in 2012.
  Alternative medicine becoming popular in Bahrain
13th January
Alternative medicine is popular in Bahrain. More people are trying it. They are trying hypnotherapy and reiki. They want to change their feelings, stop smoking or have more energy.
  Job hunter puts CV on billboard
9th January
A French man with no job tried a new way to get one. He put his CV on a billboard next to a busy road. It was four metres long. It showed the man wearing a Santa Claus hat.
  Nearly 1 billion obese people in developing world
5th January
The developing world has about a billion obese adults. There were 250 million in 1980. The number has almost quadrupled. An overseas development group said a third of people are overweight.
  2014 to be the best year ever
1st January
The Internet says 2014 will be the best year ever. We will all do better with our plans. We will do the things we forgot to do last year. It is the perfect year to exercise and get fit.
  An apple a day keeps the doctor away
28th December
Oxford University says eating an apple every day can stop a heart attack. Researchers said if people over 50 years old ate an apple every day, fewer people would have heart attacks and strokes.
  Studying with news in English class is useful
24th December
The site says news is good for students. It asked teachers and students about using news to learn English. Almost everyone said it was important. One student enjoyed using news because it is real.
  Christmas becoming less religious in U.S.
20th December
A report says Christmas in the USA is now less religious. Nine out of ten Americans celebrate Christmas, but only half think it is religious. Over two thousand people answered questions about Christmas.
  Beyonce releases a secret album
16th December
American singer Beyonce surprised her fans. She released her new album without advertising it or telling anyone. It is one of the biggest secrets in music history.
  Coldest temperature on Earth recorded
12th December
Scientists found the coldest place on Earth. The temperature is minus 93.2 degrees Celsius. It is on Antarctica. Scientists must do more tests. The real temperature could be colder.
  World mourns Nelson Mandela
8th December
People all over the world are mourning the death of Nelson Mandela. Thousands met in South African cities to say goodbye to the man they loved. They danced, sang, cried and prayed. Mr Mandela died aged 95 after months of illness. testing drone delivery service
4th December
Amazon is testing a new way to deliver parcels. It wants to use drones. These will deliver to customers in 30 minutes. Small, remote-controlled helicopters, called 'octocopters,' will carry things up to 2.3kg.
  Moscow removes giant Louis Vuitton suitcase
30th November
Russia will remove a big building in the centre of Moscow. It looks like a Louis Vuitton (LV) suitcase. It is nine metres high and 30 metres long. It has LV logos on it and two giant Russian flags on one side.
  Xbox One has technical problems on day one
26th November
Microsoft's new games console, the Xbox One, sold more than one million machines on its first day of sale. It sold out in many countries. Microsoft says it is the best console it has ever made.
  Kids run more slowly than 30 years ago
22nd November
The American Heart Association says children are less fit today than children 30 years ago. Researchers looked at information about 25 million children in 28 countries, from the past 46 years.
  USA destroys 6,000kg of ivory
18th November
Elephants are in danger. Hunters kill them and sell the ivory from their tusks. The USA wants to stop this and protect elephants. On Thursday, the USA burnt 6,000 kilograms of ivory.
  "Invisible" helmet for cyclists invented
14th November
Design students in Sweden invented a new bicycle helmet. It's called the Hövding and is invisible. It's really a kind of airbag inside a collar. People wear it like a scarf.
  Better tables for beautiful people in Paris restaurants
10th November
Two popular restaurants in Paris like beautiful people. They give them better tables than ordinary people. Staff who used to work there said good-looking customers get the good places. Other people can see them.
  Only 10% of UK engineers are women
6th November
Less than 10% of Britain's engineers are women. This is the lowest in Europe. The UK Business Secretary said this would be an "enormous problem" for many years. He said Britain needed more women in computer science.
  Britney Spears' music scares off pirates
31st October
Ships near Somalia are playing Britney Spears songs to keep pirates away. A ship's officer said the songs were good against Somali pirates: "[Britney's] songs were chosen by the security team because they thought the pirates would hate them.
  Japanese food to get UNESCO status
27th October
Japanese food ('Washoku') will soon be on the United Nations list of world cuisines. It will get UNESCO's cultural heritage status. French, Mediterranean, Mexican and Turkish food already have this.
  More people think online dating is OK
23rd October
America's Pew Research Center says almost 60% of Americans think online dating is a good way to meet people and that there is nothing wrong with it. Ten years ago, this figure was 44%.
  BBC plans 2,500 hours of World War I shows
19th October
The BBC has big plans for the centenary of World War I. It plans to make 2,500 hours of new TV and radio shows. We can see them between 2014 and 2018. This mirrors the one hundred years since the war. The head of the BBC said the programmes are, "a chance for us all to learn something new".
  Education adviser attacks UK schools
15th October
An education adviser has made teachers in Britain angry. The adviser works with the UK Education Secretary Michael Gove. British teachers do not like Mr Gove. The adviser made a new report. He said education in Britain wasn't so good. He said most teachers do not do a good job.
  Jet-lag drug is a step closer
7th October
People who fly a long way hate jet lag. It lasts for three or four days. Traveling across time zones upsets your body clock. You can be awake at 3.00am and sleepy after lunch. That might soon be over. Researchers are making a drug for jet lag. It can help people change to a new time zone in 24 hours.
  Hunger affects one in eight people
3rd October
A United Nations report says hunger affects one in eight people. It says 842 million people (12 per cent of the world population) suffer from hunger. In 1992, it was 17 per cent. Many countries cannot feed their people. Africa has the highest number of hungry people. One in five Africans is hungry.
  Scientists find gene that erases memories
25th September
Researchers from an institute of technology found a special gene in mice. It could help people forget painful memories. Many soldiers, crime victims and natural disaster survivors have memories that make them stressed.
  Syria says it will destroy chemical weapons
21st September
Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, said he will destroy Syria's chemical weapons. He said it might take one year to do this. Mr Assad said it was a difficult and expensive thing to do. He said it might cost $1 billion. He also said it was bad for the environment.
  Blobfish are the ugliest animals
17th September
People voted online to make the blobfish the world's ugliest animal. They chose videos made by celebrities of ugly creatures. The blobfish is also the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society (UAPS). The UAPS didn't want a cute animal as its mascot. People should know that not-so-cute animals are also in danger.
  Women should have babies before 35
13th September
An expert thinks women should have babies before they are 35. Professor Mary Herbert said 35 is when the "clock strikes 12". It is riskier to be pregnant after 35. It is also difficult to help older women have a baby. The professor gave doctors and nurses an important message at a science festival.
  Police arrest a coconut
9th September
Police in the Maldives arrested a coconut. They said it was full of black magic to change election results. The "suspicious fruit" had Arabic writing on it. It was a "sura" (a verse from the Koran). People worried about it. They thought it might affect Saturday's national election.
  EU plans to stop cars speeding
5th September
The European Union (EU) plans to stop cars speeding. It hopes to reduce the 30,000 road deaths that happen each year in Europe. It will use a technology called intelligent speed authority (ISA). Satellites communicate with cars. It gives the driver a warning about the speed limit.
  U.S. fast-food workers stop working
1st September
American fast-food workers went on strike on Thursday. They want more money. They get paid the minimum wage of $7.25. This is the same as 2009. They cannot live on that. Prices have gone up but their wages have not. The workers want $15 an hour.

First photos of Prince George
28th August
Britain's royal family showed photos of Prince George on Sunday. They are different because a royal photographer didn't take them. George's grandfather took them. They are from the private family album of Prince William and Kate. One photo is of one-month-old George with his parents. They are standing under a tree.

Good grammar means more money
20th August
People think companies use grammar well, but they questioned the grammar in Apple's "Think Different" commercials in the 1990s. A study shows that big companies make grammar mistakes. The website looked at the writing of six companies in posts made on a social networking site. They all made mistakes.
Google starts one-dollar charity app
16th August
Google has started an app for people to give $1 to charities. Its 'One Today' app shows many charities every day. Its website says: "Open the app, and [you see] several projects to which you can donate $1 with one click….And most people can afford the occasional $1 donation."
U.K. sending warships to Gibraltar
12th August
Britain is sending ten warships to Gibraltar. The ships are going to the Middle East. People think this is bad because relations between Britain and Spain aren't so good. Spain got angry after Gibraltar put concrete blocks in the sea to stop Spanish boats fishing. Spain said it might start charging 50 euros to cross its border with Gibraltar.
People eat first "Google burger"
8th August
Two people ate meat that was grown in a lab. It is the first time anyone has done this. It was part of a $380,000 project run by Google boss Sergey Brin. Scientists took two months to grow 20,000 tiny pieces of meat from a cow's stem cells. They added salt, egg, breadcrumbs and other things in the burger.
Babies given away on Pakistan TV show
4th August
A TV show in Pakistan gave away two baby girls. The show's host is the popular celebrity Aamir Liaquat Hussain. He gave the babies to two childless couples. He usually gives away computers, bicycles, etc. People think Hussain gave away the babies to be more popular during Ramadan. TV shows try to get more viewers during Ramadan.
Ex-US President shaves head to help boy
27th July
Ex-U.S. President George H.W. Bush shaved his head for a 2-year-old boy. The boy, Patrick, is the son of Mr Bush's bodyguard. He has leukemia - a blood disease. Treatment for it makes people's hair fall out. Bush wanted to help Patrick. Bush, 89, now looks like Patrick. Someone said: "It's hard to tell them apart."
Superman & Batman to be in same movie
23rd July
Superman and Batman will be in the same film for the first time. The director of the Superman movie "Man Of Steel" said the movie would be out in 2015. He said fans would be happy with the new movie. Henry Cavill, the star of "Man Of Steel," will play Superman in the new film. No one knows who will play Batman.
Palm surgery to change your future
19th July
People in Japan are having surgery on their hands to change their future. The Japanese believe in palm reading. They spend big money (from $70) on palm readers. Many people are unhappy with the lines on their palms because they mean a bad future. The 15-minute operation costs $1,000. It changes the length and shape of the lines.
Typewriters to stop Russian computer leaks
15th July
Western newspapers say Russia will use typewriters to stop computer leaks and keep its secrets safe. Russian newspapers say this is untrue. The BBC said Russia's intelligence service (FSO) bought the typewriters because of WikiLeaks and leaks by former U.S. intelligence worker Edward Snowden. The FSO said these scandals, plus reports that people spied on Russia's Prime Minister.
Letter of the alphabet for 'the' invented
11th July
An Australian businessman has made a new letter of the alphabet. It is a symbol for the word "the". It looks like a capital "T" and a small "h" joined together. However, it looks like a letter from the Serbian language. The man thinks people will like it. People can get it from iTunes. The guy hopes computer makers will put the letter on their keyboards.
Woman marries a bridge
7th July
Countries discuss same-sex marriage, but not marriage to a bridge. Last month, an Australian artist, Jodi Rose, fell in love with a 600-year-old bridge in France and married it. France does not agree with marriages between people and bridges. Fourteen guests went to the wedding to see the couple become bridge and wife.
World's largest building opens in China
3rd July
China has many of the biggest things in the world. Now it has a new one - the world's largest building. It is called the New Century Global Center. It opened this week in Chengdu. It is 500 meters long, 400 meters wide and 100 meters high. It is very, very, very big. Twenty Sydney Opera Houses can go inside it.




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