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Sean Banville
British, Master's (distinction) in TEFL/TESL, Apple iMac lover, Arsenal Football Club supporter, gardener, visitor to 49 countries, early riser, long-distance swimmer and cyclist.

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My Dissertation

  • If you are interested in communicative language teaching and pronunciation, you might like to take a look at my dissertation (downloadable as PDF):

"What is meant by communicativeness in EFL teaching? An evaluation of the pronunciation component in a sample of elementary level course materials, with proposals for improvement incorporating a Discourse Intonation approach."

2003, The University of Birmingham, U.K.


An Article

  • You might also want to read an article of mine on creating news lessons:

"Creating ESL/EFL Lessons Based on News and Current Events"
The Internet TESL Journal, Vol. XI, No. 9, September 2005.

Teaching the News

A few thoughts from a presentation I gave at TESOL Arabia in March, 2008 about bringing news / current events into the classroom.

My Book

  • You can also download a free sample PDF showing various parts of my book:

"1,000 Ideas & Activities for Language Teachers"

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