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'Sexist' poll says women moody 10 days a year  (1 minute 59 seconds)

Researchers who claim women are grumpy for the equivalent of ten days a year have been called sexist by the London newspaper 'Metro'. A vitamin company called Healthspan conducted the survey, which involved interviewing 1,000 women and 1,000 men about what affects their mood. The study said in a typical week, the average woman reckons she spends around five hours in a bad mood. 'Metro' issued an article attacking the study for being "incredibly" and "extraordinarily" sexist. It reported that the study was, "carried out by scientists who could have been spending their time doing something useful". It added the study reinforced sexist stereotypes of women being over-emotional.


Psychotherapist Sally Brown, a spokeswoman for Healthspan, said: "Moods are a barometer of our overall well being. The research shows both men and women are susceptible to being in a bad mood from time to time." She added that: "Women crave 'me time' and men tend to rely on their partners to help lift them out of their moods." Ms Brown commented on causes for women becoming moody, saying: "Everyday challenges from bad traffic to failing technology can tip women into a bad mood." Other bad-mood triggers the survey highlighted include feeling fat, worrying about money, breaking a nail, fearing their partners were 'not listening' and bad weather.



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