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London drivers face idling fine  (1 minute 59 seconds)

Drivers in central London will soon face a $30 fine if they sit in traffic without turning off their engine. Authorities want to reduce the amount of pollution in England's capital city. The fines could start on May 1. Throughout April, traffic wardens in the London district of Westminster will ask motorists to turn off their car engines if they are not driving. If people do not follow their advice, the new law will start. The fines are because local residents and businesses complained about the air quality in London. Westminster has the second highest proportion of deaths from air pollution in Britain. A spokeswoman, Heather Acton, said: "The council is committed to improving air quality in Westminster."


Ms Acton told reporters about the importance of keeping people moving on the roads and reducing air pollution. She said: "Motor traffic plays an important role in keeping our city moving, which is vital for its economic prosperity. We want to raise motorist awareness of the impact engine idling can have on the environment, with air and noise pollution affecting overall health." Not everyone is happy with the new fine. The Institute of Advanced Motorists warned that people could see the fine as a "revenue-raising exercise". It said the traffic wardens should focus on "old buses, coaches, large trucks, utility company vans or taxis idling for long periods" and not on energy-efficient cars.


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