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000's more free lessons. Drought Leaves Ethiopia Facing Food Crisis
12th February
Charities have warned about a humanitarian disaster in Ethiopia. The North African country has its worst drought for 50 years. Euro politicians told to stop speaking English
8th February
The European Parliament has asked politicians to speak more slowly and to use their own language instead of English. Dubai world's busiest international airport
4th February
Dubai International Airport (DXB) is still the world's busiest airport. It is ahead of London's Heathrow, which was top for over a decade. Women do not get enough sleep
30th January
A new report says a lack of sleep can cause long-term health issues and even death. Women are more likely to have problems sleeping.
qPICp Fairy tales could be 6,000 years old
24th January
A 19th-century fairy tale collector said fairy tales were thousands of years old. Scientists now say this is true and that many... Up to half of adults suffer from mental illness
18th January
Britain's health service said that up to half of adults have suffered from a mental illness. The Health Survey for England shows that... Sugar could be harmful to our health
12 January
The USA and UK are worried about how bad sugar is for public health. People eat too much sugar. Iran and Saudi Arabia in war of words
6th January
There is a war of words between Iran and Saudi Arabia after the execution of a Shia Muslim cleric. Belgium arrests two over New Year terror plot
31st December
Police in Belgium arrested two people suspected of planning terror attacks on New Year's Eve. They made six arrests but...
Catherine Gordon School says Hello Kitty Christmas tree can stay
25th December
A teacher in the USA has been allowed to keep her pink Hello Kitty Christmas tree in her classroom. Consumers asked to throw away hoverboards
19th December
Three big UK retailers, including Amazon, are telling customers to throw away hoverboards because of safety worries. Scotland strips titles it gave to Donald Trump
13th December
A university and a political party in Scotland have taken away titles they gave to Donald Trump. The billionaire businessman is leading... Height may be the key to a happy marriage
7th December
Researchers have found the key to a happy marriage. This secret ingredient could be a difference in height. New therapy to overcome fear of dentist
1st December
There is hope for people who are afraid of going to the dentist. New research says counselling can help to overcome the fear of the dentist. Facebook boss to take paternity leave
25th November
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will take two months of paternity leave after his daughter is born. Coffee can help you live longer
19th November
There is good news for coffee lovers. A new report says coffee helps you live longer. Studies shows that coffee reduces the risk of... Russia faces athletics suspension
13th November
A damaging report from the World Anti-Doping Agency has turned the athletics world upside down. It also called for lifetime bans…. China and Taiwan in historic meeting
7th November
A historic event will take place on November the 7th. Chinese president Xi Jinping and Taiwanese president Ma Ying-Jeou will... China ends one-child policy
1st November
China has ended its decades-long one-child policy. Now all couples will be allowed to have two children. Snow leopard under threat from climate change
26th October
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has warned that climate change is threatening the snow leopard. The Internet gives new meanings to common words
20th October
The Internet has transformed our lives very quickly. It has changed the words we use. The website started... Ecotourism a danger to wildlife
14th October
Ecotourism is booming and tour operators say this helps nature. Every year, millions of people visit natural areas to... Doctors say hospitals should ban perfumes
8th October
Doctors want to ban perfumes and aftershaves in hospitals and clinics. They say these contain chemicals that cause asthma... Volkswagen to recall 11 million cars
2nd October
Volkswagen (VW) will recall around 11 million cars because of the emissions tests scandal. More people die from selfies than shark attacks
26th September
There is a new danger for photo lovers. It started in the past few years and is now everywhere. Arrested clock-making teen invited to White House
20th September
President Barack Obama has invited the Texas student who was arrested over a clock he made for school to the White House. Travelling to and from work is work, says EU
14th September
The European Union (EU) said that workers with no fixed office will be paid for travelling to and from their first and last clients each day. Germany and Austria welcome refugees
8th September
Germany and Austria have welcomed thousands of refugees. People applauded the new arrivals and gave them water, food and clothes. Slow-melting ice cream could be here soon
2nd September
Scientists have found something that will please ice cream lovers around the world. It is a new bacteria that slows down the speed ice cream melts at.
  Scientists close to influenza vaccine
27th August
Scientists are close to developing a vaccine to give life-long protection against influenza.
  Research shows dogs used to be more like cats
21st August
Research says climate change changed dogs from animals resembling cats to how they look today.
  Twitter ends 140-character Direct Message limit
15th August
Twitter users can now send Direct Messages that are longer than 140 characters. They can now be up to 10,000 characters.
  Egypt opens extension of Suez Canal
9th August
Egypt's president attended a ceremony to open an extension of the Suez Canal. The original canal, built in 1869, took 10 years to build.
  Exercise for teenage girls extends their life
3rd August
A study shows it is important for teenage girls to exercise. Researchers looked at 75,000 Chinese women aged between 40 and 70.
  Car interiors a breeding ground for deadly bacteria
27th July
Some people think cars are less of a risk for getting germs than public transport. The opposite may be true.
  Electric car does 0 to 100kph in 2.8 seconds
21st July
A new electric car from Tesla Motors can go from 0 to 100kph in just 2.8 seconds.
  Time-out from Eurozone possible for Greece
15th July
Greece's future in the Eurozone is still not clear. It has to pay back huge loans to European countries.
  Adidas to make shoes from ocean garbage
9th July
Adidas has made a sports shoe from ocean garbage. It hopes this will raise awareness of the problem of ocean pollution.
  Students sell bodies and gamble to survive
3rd July
It's hard for British university students to make ends meet. They are gambling, taking out high-interest loans and selling their body.
  Holland ordered to cut greenhouse gases
27th June
A Dutch court has ordered the government to cut greenhouse gases by at least a quarter.
  Online shoppers fooled by fake reviews
21st June
A consumer group has said that many websites are full of fake reviews. The group believes there are millions of such reviews on sites for...
  Zimbabwe's new currency is U.S. dollar
15th June
Zimbabwe's central bank scrapped the country's currency to use the U.S. dollar. The Zimbabwean dollar became worthless because...
  Sitting may be dangerous for your health
9th June
If you spend a long time sitting or relaxing on a couch, you may be taking up to two years off your life. A lazy lifestyle increases...
  Beijing introduces tough smoking ban
3rd June
A tough new smoking ban started in China's capital city Beijing on June the 1st, which is also World No Tobacco Day.
  Overtaking a big risk on the road
28th May
A U.K. survey shows that one in seven drivers has been in danger because of risky overtaking.
  Record airbag recall
22nd May
The USA is recalling a record 34 million cars because of faulty airbags. It is the biggest recall in US history.
  Young Brits on Internet 27 hours a week
16th May
A survey shows that 16- to 24-year-olds spend over 27 hours a week online. This figure has trebled in 10 years.
  Spanish football suspended indefinitely
10th May
Spain is in shock after all the country's football games may not go ahead after May 16. This affects the final...
  Aid struggling to reach needy in Nepal
4th May
The extent of Nepal's huge 7.8 magnitude earthquake is still coming to light. The U.N. has asked for more support for the rescue attempts.
  We need to prepare for the Internet of Things
28th April
A technology analyst warned we might not yet be ready for the Internet of Things - the next stage of the digital revolution.
  Europe under fire for refugee policy
22nd April
Human Rights Watch (HRW) has asked the European Union (EU) to stop refugee deaths in the Mediterranean. Another 700 migrants...
  High heels cause arthritis and damaged knees
16th April
High-heel shoes are popular with many women. A study shows that wearing them for a long time can damage the body.
  U.N. calls for help for Yarmouk
10th April
The U.N. wants humanitarian access to the besieged Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus.
  Jay Z restarts music streaming brand
4th April
Rapper Jay Z has launched a music subscription streaming site called Tidal. Many of music's major stars have joined...
  World airlines change cockpit rules
29th March
Airlines are changing their rules so that two pilots are always in the cockpit.
  600 students expelled for cheating
23rd March
Authorities in India expelled 600 high school students for cheating in exams. The pupils used a dangerous way to get help.
  Japanese government to play matchmaker
17th March
Japan's government is playing Cupid to get more couples to have babies. Japan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world.
  Sportswear maker accused of sexism
11th March
An Indonesian sportswear maker apologised for a label on shirts it made for a top football team. People thought it was sexist.
  China tops US at box office for first time
5th March
China's box office is now bigger than the USA's. China's movie theatres now make the most money. This is because millions of people went to the cinemas...
  Study says eyelashes keep eyes from drying
27th February
Scientists now know the answer to why eyelashes are as long as they are. Researchers did tests on the eyelashes of 22 mammals.
  Japan town beats world snowman record
21st February
A town in Japan has broken the world record for building snowmen. Around 630 people at the Iiyama Snow Festival made 1,585 snowmen in one hour.
  Indian PM says no to temple in his name
15th February
A temple named to honour India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to be renamed.
  Paris halts filming of action movies after terror attacks
9th February
There will be no more filming of action movies in Paris. This is following the recent terror attacks, which left 20 people dead.
  Workaholic fathers 'leave orphans'
30th January
Pope Francis has warned fathers about working long hours. He criticised workaholic dads for being 'absent' from families.
  Tech giants woo 15-year-old whizzkid
26th January
Facebook and Google are competing for the talents of 15-year-old app developer Ben Pasternak.
  Man sues women's university
22nd January
A man is suing an all-women's university in Japan. It rejected his application because he is male.
  School students do not shower after sports class
18th January
A report found over half of high school boys and two-thirds of girls never shower after sports at school.
  Hospital chains toys to beds to stop thieves
14th January
Hospitals in Wales are chaining children's toys to beds with bicycle locks to stop thieves stealing them.
  Keeping cold could keep you thinner
10th January
Scientists in California found that the cold could help us lose weight.
  30 million people invited to read books
6th January
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has started perhaps the world's largest book club.
  New Year's resolutions difficult to keep
2nd January
New Year is when we make plans to change our life over the next twelve months.
  Russia says NATO is its biggest threat
29th December
Russia's Vladimir Putin has said NATO is one of Russia's biggest dangers.
  Children in US safest for two decades
25th December
A report says American children are safer today than they were 20 years ago.
  Hacked Sony film raises US - N. Korea tensions
21st December
There are tensions between the USA and North Korea after a cyber-attack on the movie company Sony Pictures.
  Spicy food linked to higher testosterone levels
17th December
Scientists have found a link between spicy food and testosterone in men. Testosterone is a chemical in our body that controls sexual development.
  Researchers work out Santa Claus' salary
13th December
People wonder what Santa does and how he does it for free. Researchers have an answer to these questions.
  Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us
9th December
The famous scientist professor Stephen Hawking has warned that robots with artificial intelligence could one day mean the death of us all.
  Bacteria-filled concrete to end holes in roads
5th December
There may soon be no more potholes and cracks in roads. Scientists have thought of an innovative solution to fixing holes in roads.
  Sony plans to launch electronic-paper watch
1st December
Sony is preparing for the launch of a watch made out of electronic paper. It could be out next year.
  Pope attacks Europe's throwaway culture
27th November
Pope Francis criticised Europe in a speech at the European Parliament. He attacked Europe's 'throwaway culture'.
  Indonesia leader flies economy class
23rd November
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has economised by flying economy class.
  Japan recession may hurt global economy
19th November
Japan has gone back into recession. Analysts are thinking this will affect the global economy.
  Pope OKs showers for homeless in Rome
15th November
Pope Francis has OK'd three showers in the Vatican so the homeless can wash.
  Ex-Soviet leader warns of new Cold War
11th November
The Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago. It represented the end of communism and the Cold War in Europe, and lowered the chances of nuclear conflict.
  Overtime becomes part of holiday pay
7th November
UK companies have a multibillion-dollar bill to pay after a court said overtime is part of holiday pay.
  Hungary freezes Internet tax plan
3rd November
A planned Internet tax in Hungary has been stopped. It was going to be on Internet traffic. The public and businesses opposed it.
  People vote for Tree of the Year
30th October
England's annual Tree of the Year contest will soon take place. An environmental charity runs it. Over 200 trees were nominated.
  Web full of energy but also has 'dark side'
26th October
The founder of the Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has spoken about his creation 25 years after he helped to conceive it.
  Nigeria declared car horn-free day
22nd October
Lagos in Nigeria declared a car "Horn-Free Day" to raise awareness of noise pollution. People have to listen to the endless sound of honking from impatient motorists.
  Teens like voice search, adults not so keen
18th October
More people are speaking to their mobile devices for online search. Better voice recognition technology means our technology now understands us.
  Malala Yousafzai wins Nobel Peace Prize
14th October
Malala Yousafzai, 17, has won the Nobel Peace Prize. She won jointly with the children's rights campaigner Kailash Satyarthi.
  India to remove 287 'laughable' laws
10th October
India's government will cancel 287 out-of-date laws that date back to British rule in the 19th century.
  New printer with enough ink for two years
6th October
Are you tired of paying too much for ink cartridges that finish quickly? Help may be here....
  Moon vacations possible by 2024
2nd October
A price comparison website for flights, hotels and car hire has predicted what travel will be like in a decade.
  Curry spice may help repair brain cells
28th September
Scientists think the spice turmeric could help the brain to heal itself. This is good news for those with brain diseases.
  'Sexist' poll says women moody 10 days a year
24th September
Researchers who said women are grumpy for ten days a year have been called sexist by the 'Metro' newspaper. A vitamin company conducted the survey.
  Scotland rejects independence from U.K.
20th September
Scotland will stay in the United Kingdom after rejecting independence in a historic vote.
  Pope says World War III pretty much here
16th September
The Roman Catholic leader said all the conflicts being fought around the world pretty much meant there is a third world war.
  Apple unveils new Apple Watch
12th September
Apple has unveiled its much talked about smart watch. It is called Apple Watch.
  School children punished over wrong trousers
8th September
A school has apologised to over 50 students for punishing them after they wore the wrong trousers.
  Coffee company to improve sustainability
4th September
The coffee company Nespresso has ambitious plans to make its operations more sustainable. The company is part of...
  Hello Kitty is a girl, not a cat
31st August
The creators of a widely-recognised cartoon character have set the record straight. Japanese toymaker Sanrio said...
  Ice bucket challenge could be good for charities
27th August
Many videos on social media show people pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on their heads for charity.
  UAE warns citizens of London dangers
23rd August
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has advised its citizens to avoid "dangerous areas" in London.
  Cambridge University needs chocolate researcher
19th August
The job of a lifetime is on offer for people with a sweet tooth. Cambridge University needs a researcher of chocolate.
  Drivers who took car crash photos in trouble
15th August
British police are prosecuting motorists for taking photos of a crash scene. This is the first time British drivers will be prosecuted for "rubbernecking".
  U.S.A. starts air strikes in Iraq
11th August
The USA is targeting the Islamic State (IS) in northern Iraq. Several air strikes have destroyed heavy weaponry.
  Art galleries waste of time for kids, says artist
7th August
A thought-provoking British artist has said children visiting art galleries is "a total waste of time". Jake Chapman made his...
  Fist bumps more hygienic than handshakes
30th July
A new and alternative way of greeting and showing respect has been found to be more hygienic than shaking hands.
  Study shows dogs get jealous of other dogs
26th July
Dog lovers have known for ages that pets get jealous. A new study has shown that this is true. The University of California...
  Woman wins $23 bn from tobacco company
22nd July
A USA court has ordered the tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds to pay a woman $23.6 billion in damages. Cynthia Robinson filed her...
  France's restaurants must have 'home-made food' logo
18th July
French restaurants will soon have to put a logo on menus to inform customers whether or not their food is home-made.
  Burberry shareholders rebel against CEO pay
14th July
Burberry shareholders are very angry about a planned pay package for its newly-appointed CEO. They rejected a proposal at...
  Hit musical 'Cats' gets rap song
10th July
The hit musical 'Cats' has had a makeover for its comeback in London in December. One of the traditional songs will be a rap.
  Rare stamp sells for $9.5 million
30th June
There is a new world record for the sale of a postage stamp. It is for the one-of-a-kind, 1856 British Guiana One-Cent Magenta. The auction house Sotheby's sold it in New York for $9.48 million.
  Michael Schumacher medical records 'for sale'
26th June
It's shocking, but someone has stolen the medical records of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. They could sell...
  Burglary a threat to mental health
22nd June
A new study shows that burglary is a serious threat to people's mental health. The survey is from a British charity and...
  Google to launch wearable health monitor
18th June
Google is catching up with Apple and Samsung to be market leader in wearable health software. It is working on a device called...
  Thai junta orders free World Cup TV for all
14th June
Thailand's military junta has ordered national broadcasters to make all World Cup games free. Many Thais are...
  Parents punished if kids late to school
10th June
Britain's Education Secretary announced he would crack down on "problem parents". He said too many families fail to...
  Koalas hug trees to stay cool
6th June
Scientists have unlocked the koala's secret of staying cool and avoiding dehydration in intense heat. They hug...
  Children can learn to eat vegetables
2nd June
Parents often find getting kids to eat their greens is a constant battle. Usually, young children refuse to...
  Japan girl group AKB48 attacked with saw
29th May
Two members of Japanese pop group AKB48 were injured on Sunday. A fan attacked them with a saw at an event. The two...
  Man sues New York City for $2,000,000,000,000,000,

21st May
When someone gets a big salary, we say they earn "telephone numbers". A man in New York is suing the city (and others) for...
  School lets students start lessons after lunch
13th May
A high school in England will start a new policy for students to sleep longer in the mornings. The private ...
  Coca Cola changes recipe after online petition
9th May
An online petition has made the Coca-Cola Company change the recipe of several of its drinks. The world's largest drinks manufacturer will remove...
  Michelangelo's 'David' in danger of collapse
5th May
Michelangelo's statue "David" is in danger of collapsing due to its weak ankles. Scientists have confirmed that cracks in the heels of the giant 5.17-metre-tall statue could...
  New paint to say goodbye to car washes
1st May
The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has unveiled a test of a self-cleaning paint that may mean the end of car washing. The new paint repels...
  Teachers cyber-bullied by students and parents
27th April
Seven-year-olds are posting abuse and damaging comments about their teachers on social networking websites such as Facebook, according to new ...
  36% in UK will never buy own home
23rd April
U.K. house prices are so high that a third of British people will never buy their own home. A new report published by ...
  Death threats over new Banksy painting
19th April
A painting by the "guerilla artist" Banksy is currently the focus of a big argument in England. The painting appeared overnight on a building...
  Australian wins at World Pizza Championship
15th April
An Australian chef has won a prize at the World Pizza Championship in Italy. Pizza maker Johnny Di Francesco runs an Italian restaurant ...
  Doubts cast on influenza medication
11th April
Medical experts are questioning why so much was spent on developing and stocking up on influenza drugs.
  Nigeria becomes Africa's biggest economy
7th April
Nigeria has changed how it measures its gross domestic product (GDP). It is now Africa's largest economy.
  7 portions of fruit & vegetables a day best
3rd April
For years, we have been told that five portions of fruit and vegetables are enough to keep disease away and help us to live longer.
  11 Asian nations declared polio-free
30th March
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said for the first time that South-East Asia is polio-free.
  Unusual fashion gets you more respect
26th March
Researchers say that people who dress differently get more respect. They looked at how we view the status and competence of people who do not dress "normally".
  $33 million Fabergé egg found at market
22nd March
An extremely rare and decorated antique egg designed by the famous Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé has been found at a used goods market in the USA.
  EU votes for universal phone charger
18th March
Have you ever wondered why smartphone chargers are all so different? Lawmakers at the European Union have thought about the same mystery. In the future…
  Chinese maths teachers to help UK schools
14th March
The British government wants Chinese teachers to try to improve the standard of maths in British schools. Students in Shanghai have the highest international test results.
  Minecraft video "more popular than Bieber"
10th March
The online game Minecraft is a concern for parents. Their children spend endless hours immersed in a cyber-world. However, one man has made lots of fans and money from the game.
  Childcare fees higher than housing costs in UK
6th February
British families pay more on childcare than on their mortgage. Annual costs are overtaking yearly housing loan repayments.
  Mount Everest security guards to stop fights
24th February
Tempers get hot even in the freezing cold of Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain. Fights break out among climbers there. One brawl last April was between European and Sherpa climbers.
  Google investing $1billion in renewable energy
20th February
Tech giant Google is investing $1billion in renewable energy, such as solar energy and wind farms.
  No free wi-fi biggest tourist complaint
12th February
A survey from a hotel chain reveals that a lack of free wi-fi is one of the biggest complaints among holidaymakers. It is a key requirement for many tourists and travellers.
  New York more fashionable than Paris
8th February
New York is officially the world's most fashionable city. It won the 2014 Top Global Fashion Capital contest. London won the prize in 2011 and 2012, but was third this year, behind Paris….
  Australia to dump sludge in Great Barrier Reef
4th February
Australia has approved a plan to dump large amounts of sludge in the Great Barrier Reef. The mud will come from the expansion of a coal port on the coast near the reef.
  USA Olympics uniforms 'security risk' in Sochi
27th January
American athletes at the Sochi Winter Olympics have been told that their uniforms pose a possible security risk if worn outside the security zones.
  Night work could damage your health
23rd January
New research says working at night can damage one's health. It increases the risk of cancer, diabetes, mental illnesses, and heart diseases.
  IBM to invest $1.2 billion in cloud services
19th January
International Business Machines (IBM) is investing $1.2 billion in cloud services. The technology giant wants to increase its presence in the next generation of cloud storage.
  Armed police to wear body cameras in London
15th January
Armed police in London will soon wear body cameras when they are called to incidents. This will give more transparency and reduce speculation when police shoot people.
  Record number of Rolls-Royces sold in 2013
11th January
The luxury car maker Rolls-Royce reported record sales for 2013. It's the fourth year in a row it has done this. It sold 3,630 cars because of strong demand in the Middle East and China.
  Mental health nurses staff UK police stations
7th January
The UK has announced a pilot scheme to help mentally ill people who have been arrested. Mental health nurses will work in police stations in different areas of England. They will spot those with mental health issues earlier.
  Candy Crush Saga most downloaded app
3rd January
Candy Crush Saga was the most downloaded app of 2013. It also earned the most revenue. The game was downloaded 500 million times last year. It is the current favourite among gamers.
  U.N. makes first ever cut in staff
30th December
The U.N. is cutting staff for the first time ever. The General Assembly approved its first cut since the international body was created in 1945. The decision means 219 fewer positions, or two per cent of all U.N. posts.
  Couple get married in Shrek costumes
26th December
Once upon a time, a woman dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. Her dream came true. Amanda Gibbs from England married her fiancé of eight years on Saturday in a fairy-tale ceremony.
  Cubans can now buy a car more easily
22nd December
Cuba is making it easier for Cubans to buy foreign made, new and used cars. The Havana Times reports that the Council of Ministers decided "to open up the retail sale of new and used motorcycles, cars, vans and minibuses."
  Jade Rabbit sends photos from the Moon
18th December
China's expedition to the Moon has sent back its first photos of the surface.
  UK leader tells schools - teach Mandarin, not French
10th December
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron told journalists in China that British schools should teach Mandarin instead of French and German. He plans to double the number of students studying Chinese in British schools.
  Bicycles outsell cars in most EU countries
6th December
The BBC says people in 26 European countries bought more bicycles than cars in 2012. There are several reasons for this trend. One is the recession experienced in many countries after the global financial crisis.
  More hospital staff being attacked in UK
2nd December
Physical attacks against hospital staff are rising in the U.K. Britain's National Health Service (NHS) says violent assaults have increased by six per cent in the past year. There were 63,199 in 2012-13, up from 59,744 from the previous year.
  Central African Republic in chaos, says UN
28th November
The United Nations has said the Central African Republic needs urgent help. The UN's Jan Eliasson said it was "descending into complete chaos". The nation has been moving towards a state of anarchy .
  London 'slaves' rescued after 30 years
24th November
Three women were rescued from a south London house after being held captive for 30 years. Police raided the home of a man and woman who reportedly held the women against their will in "horrific conditions" for three decades.
  Campaign to ban car hands-free phones
20th November
There is a major road-safety campaign in Britain to get hands-free mobile phones banned. The charity Brake also wants motorists to switch off their phones while driving. The group said fines for calling or texting should also be increased by up to tenfold.
  Aid too slow in reaching Philippine needy
16th November
The United Nations humanitarian chief Valerie Amos has said aid is too slow to get to survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Ms Amos is the coordinator for the UN relief effort. She told reporters in Manila how urgent it was to act more quickly.
  Being bilingual may delay dementia
12th November
A study shows that being bilingual may delay dementia by five years. A university in Scotland discovered that bilingual people did not show any signs of three types of dementia for more than four years longer than monolingual people.
  Putin world's most powerful person
2nd November
"Forbes" said Vladimir Putin is the world's most powerful person. He knocks Barack Obama from the top. "Forbes"makes lists comparing the rich and famous. This list asked: "Who's more powerful: the autocratic leader of a former superpower or the handcuffed commander-in-chief of the most dominant country in the world?"
  Media says Obama knew US spied on Merkel
29th October
German media is questioning how much President Obama knows about the US spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel. One magazine said the USA's National Security Agency (NSA) started tapping Ms Merkel's mobile phone in 2002, under the George W. Bush administration.
  Baldness treatment a 'step closer'
25th October
There may soon be help for the millions who suffer from and worry about baldness. Scientists from universities in the UK and USA say they are close to growing new hair. This is also good news for burns victims. They are likely to be those helped first by any new treatment.
  Housework not good exercise, says study
21st October
A new study says housework is not the quality exercise many people think it is. It even said that people who did the most housework were usually the most overweight. The study is called, "Does doing housework keep you healthy?"
  Eating popcorn makes ads less effective
17th October
The adverts people see at the movies are less effective when people eat popcorn. This is the conclusion of a study from a German University. Researchers said people remember the names of brands or products by silently pronouncing them. However, with a mouth full of popcorn, this process is broken.
  Republicans and Obama in debt crisis talks
13th October
After ten days of no talks in the U.S., things have begun to move. President Barack Obama and Republican leader, John Boehner, sat down for talks on Thursday about the partial U.S. government shutdown and the possible debt crisis.
  Top store hits back at "wardrobing" fraud
9th October
A chain of luxury department stores is trying to stop people buying expensive clothes, wearing them once and then getting a refund. About 65 per cent of U.S. shops have been victims of this. It is known as "wardrobing". It is a form of "return fraud" and costs stores an estimated $8.8 billion a year.
  New TomTato plant grows potatoes and tomatoes
1st October
A horticultural company is marketing a revolutionary new plant that grows tomatoes and potatoes. It is called the TomTato and gives up to 500 sweet tomatoes plus a healthy crop of potatoes. A newspaper joked you can now get ketchup and fries from the same plant.
  Iran's Rouhani addresses UN General Assembly
27th September
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has addressed the U.N. General Assembly, calling for "constructive engagement" that is "based on mutual respect and common interest". He pointed out that he didn't seek to increase tensions with the U.S. The speech is seen by many as a big change of direction in Iran's foreign policy.
  Multiple-path stories for English students
23rd September
A project to help English learners with reading skills may soon start, if the developers can reach their funding target. The concept is a series of "multiple-path" books. Unlike conventional novels, readers can choose the direction of the story. It is the idea of teacher and author Marcos Benevides.
  A third of kids get no bedtime story
15th September
It seems the long tradition of bedtime stories for children before sleeping is disappearing in Britain. A study from British online retailer shows around a third of parents do not read bedtime stories. It also found that up to 50 per cent of children prefer to watch TV or play computer games.
  Trekker lost in Andes found alive
11th September
A Uruguayan man who disappeared in winter in the Andes Mountains has been found alive and well. Raul Fernando Gomez, 58, got lost in a blizzard while crossing the Andes range. His ordeal began when his motorbike broke down in the middle of nowhere.
  Samsung unveils new smartwatch
7th September
Samsung has entered the smartwatch market by unveiling its multi-function Galaxy Gear. It is a digital watch with a difference. People can make phone calls, receive emails and take photos. It can also run apps on its 1.6-inch screen. Users move through different screens and functions using swipes.
  Internet damaging 20,000 U.K. stores
3rd September
The Internet has changed how we shop. More and more of us shop online instead of in "bricks and mortar" stores. In the United Kingdom, this is having terrible consequences for the traditional high-street store. A business leader has released a report containing worrying statistics on the future of U.K. retailing.
  Spanish festival charges for tomato throwing
30th August
Spain's economic problems mean one of its most famous festivals is now a "pay-to-join" event. The cash-strapped town of Bunol will start charging people to take part in its Tomatina tomato-throwing festival. Tourists will have to pay 10 euros ($13) for the hour-long tomato fight.
  Volunteering helps you live longer
26th August
Volunteering is good for you, according to a new study. A research paper in the journal BMC Public Health says doing good deeds for others improves your mental health and increases your longevity. Researchers reviewed 40 academic papers into the effects of volunteerism on our health.
  One Direction's movie premieres in London
22nd August
The U.K. boy band One Direction created a frenzy in London when thousands of fans went to see their idols at the premiere of their first movie, "This Is Us". Some fans camped in London's Leicester Square for three days to get to see the band. The first 200 fans got tickets for a front-row, red-carpet experience.
  Facebook "selfies" can harm relationships
18th August
A study shows that people who post too many photos of themselves ("selfies") on social networks risk harming their real-life relationships. Wikipedia says a selfie is "a genre of self-portrait…typically taken either with a camera held at arm's length or in a mirror."
  Scientists search for real Mona Lisa
14th August
Scientists are close to finding the remains of the model for Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece the Mona Lisa. Researchers have opened a centuries-old tomb in Florence, Italy. They believe it contains the skeleton of da Vinci's muse Lisa Gioconda, the wife of a 16th-century merchant.
  Mothers face workplace discrimination
10th August
More than one in four British mothers who returned to work feel discriminated against, according to a survey from a legal firm. Researchers asked 1,975 women about their work experiences before and after giving birth. Most of the women had never complained as they suspected it would be a waste of time and damage their careers.
  U.S. rock group banned from Russia
6th August
An American rock group have been banned from performing at a music festival in Russia after a band member stuffed the Russian flag inside his pants. Jared Hasselhoff, the bass player with the band Bloodhound Gang, put the flag into the front of his pants and pulled it out the back.
  Saudi prince says fracking will hurt his nation
2nd August
Saudi billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal has warned that his country's economy is in danger unless it moves away from oil. A huge 92 per cent of Saudi's revenue comes from oil. The prince told his oil minister he needed to cut the reliance on oil. He published a letter online warning Gulf states.
  'World of Warcraft' loses 2 million players
29th July
"World of Warcraft", a very popular online game, is losing subscribers. Over 600,000 have left in the past three months and almost two million in 2013. At the start of the year, Activision Blizzard, owners of the game, had 9.6 million subscribers. That figure is now 7.7 million.
  Scientists discover depression molecule
25th July
Scientists say they have found the part of the brain that makes us feel miserable, anxious and stressed. A British research company called Heptares Therapeutics has located the molecule related to depression. It is a protein of the brain called CRF1. The protein is important in controlling the body's response to stress.
  U.S. city of Detroit goes bankrupt
21st July
Detroit used to be a powerhouse of American industry. Yesterday, it went bust and filed for bankruptcy – the biggest U.S. city to do so. Its emergency financial manager said the city could no longer pay its bills, and was a huge $20 billion in debt. He asked the court to help restructure city finances so it could continue to function.
  No frying eggs in Death Valley, says park
13th July
The Death Valley National Park has appealed to visitors to stop trying to fry eggs on rocks or the ground. The park has had many people trying to see if it is hot enough to fry an egg, after a park employee posted a video on YouTube of her attempts to do so.
  Indian repatriates 3,700 prisoners in UAE
5th July
An Indian businessman in the United Arab Emirates has helped repatriate nearly 3,700 prisoners in UAE jails. The prisoners are from various Muslim nations. They had all finished their prison sentences but lacked the money to pay off the debts that put them in prison. They could also not afford the air ticket home.
  Obama praises Mandela as an "inspiration"
1st July
U.S. President Barack Obama praised Nelson Mandela while he was visiting Africa. Obama said Mandela was an inspiration to him. Mr Obama didn't visit Mr Mandela in hospital because of Mandela's poor health. The White House explained that Mandela's peace and comfort and his family's wishes were more important.



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