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   See also:   Level 0   |  Level 1   |  Level 2   |  Level 3    |  Level 5   |  Level 6 Curry spice may help repair brain cells
28th September
Scientists think turmeric could help our brain to heal. This is good news for people with brain diseases. 'Sexist' poll says women moody 10 days a year
24th September
'Metro' newspaper has said researchers who said women are grumpy for ten days a year are sexist.
qPICp Scotland rejects independence from U.K.
20th September
Scotland will stay in the United Kingdom after rejecting independence. Pope says World War III pretty much here
16th September
Pope Francis has said we are pretty much involved in a third world war because of all the conflicts being fought globally.
qPICp Apple unveils new Apple Watch
12th September
Apple has launched its much talked about watch. As usual, the tech giant wowed its followers. It named its new watch Apple Watch. School children punished over wrong trousers
8th September
A school in England apologised to 50 students for punishing them for wearing the "wrong trousers". Coffee company to improve sustainability
4th September
The coffee company Nespresso has announced ambitious new plans to help make its operations more sustainable. The company is... Hello Kitty is a girl, not a cat
31st August
The Japanese toymaker Sanrio, creators of Hello Kitty, have told the truth about their character. They said Hello Kitty is not a cat. Ice bucket challenge could be good for charities
27th August
Many people are pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on their heads for charity for the Ice Bucket Challenge. UAE warns citizens of London dangers
23rd August
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has advised its citizens to avoid "dangerous areas" in London. Cambridge University needs chocolate researcher
19th August
A fantastic job is on offer for people with a sweet tooth. Chocolate and science lovers can apply to be a chocolate researcher and study for a PhD. Drivers who took car crash photos in trouble
15th August
British police are taking action against four motorists for taking photos of a crash scene while driving. U.S.A. starts air strikes in Iraq
11th August
The USA is targeting the Islamic State (IS) in northern Iraq. Air strikes have destroyed weapons that the IS captured from Iraq's army. Art galleries waste of time for kids, says artist
7th August
A controversial British artist, Jake Chapman, has said it is "a total waste of time" for children to go to an art gallery. He also said... Israel and Hamas declare 72-hour truce
3rd August
The state of Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas started a 72-hour ceasefire on Friday morning. Fist bumps more hygienic than handshakes
30th July
Scientists say a new, alternative way of greeting and showing respect is more hygienic than shaking hands. Study shows dogs get jealous of other dogs
26th July
Dog lovers know that dogs get jealous. A new study shows this is true. A university conducted research into dogs and jealousy. Woman wins $23 bn from tobacco company
22nd July
A USA court has told a tobacco company to pay a woman $23.6 billion in damages. France's restaurants must have 'home-made food' logo
18th July
There will soon be a logo on menus in France to tell customers which items are home-made. France's government said... Burberry shareholders rebel against CEO pay
14th July
Shareholders from the British fashion house Burberry are up in arms about a proposed pay package for its CEO. They rejected... Hit musical 'Cats' gets rap song
10th July
The hit musical 'Cats' will be a little different when it makes its London comeback in December. A traditional song is now a rap.
the Sean Banville collection Gambler sues hotel casino for losing
6th July
The wife of Oman's foreign minister is suing London's high-class The Ritz hotel for losing money at its casino.
qPICp Rare stamp sells for $9.5 million
30th June
A new world record was set for the sale of a stamp. The 1856 British Guiana One-Cent Magenta was sold in New York for $9.48 million. It is the fourth time the stamp has broken the record. Michael Schumacher medical records 'for sale'
26th June
Someone stole the medical records of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. They could sell them online. The F1 driver's... Burglary a threat to mental health
22nd June
A study shows that burglary is a big threat to our mental health. The survey is from a British charity and a home security... Google to launch wearable health monitor
18th June
Google hopes to rival Apple and Samsung in the wearable health software market. Its new Google Fit device will compete with... Thai junta orders free World Cup TV for all
14th June
Thailand's ruling military junta asked for all World Cup games to be free so people will be happy… Parents punished if kids late to school
10th June
Britain's government is cracking down on "problem parents". Many families do not "face up to... Koalas hug trees to stay cool
6th June
Scientists have unlocked the koala's secret of staying cool and avoiding dehydration in intense heat. They hug trees... Children can learn to eat vegetables
2nd June
For many parents, getting their kids to eat their greens is a constant battle. It often seems that whatever vegetables... Japan girl group AKB48 attacked with saw
29th May
Two members of Japanese pop group AKB48 were injured on Sunday. A fan attacked them with a saw. The two ... Putin says Prince Charles comment 'unroyal'
25th May
President Vladimir Putin said Prince Charles' comments about him were "not royal". Man sues New York City for $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
21st May
When someone gets a big salary, we say they earn "telephone numbers". A man in New York is suing the city for... MERS virus spreading
17th May
The WHO has said the virus MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) is now serious and urgent. The WHO said MERS is...
<br>http://<strong></strong>/story/1259077/sixth-formers-given-stress-free-late-start School lets students start lessons after lunch
13th May
A school in England will soon use a 1.30 to 7pm timetable so students can sleep in the mornings. The school will be ... Coca Cola changes recipe after online petition
9th May
An online petition made the Coca-Cola Company change its recipe for several drinks. The world's largest drinks maker will... Michelangelo's 'David' in danger of collapse
5th May
Michelangelo's "David" could collapse because of its weak ankles. Scientists said that cracks in the heels of the 5.17-metre-tall statue could make it... New paint to say goodbye to car washes
1st May
The Japanese carmaker Nissan has shown off a self-cleaning paint that may mean the end of car washing. The paint repels ... Teachers cyber-bullied by students and parents
27th April
Seven-year-olds and their parents are posting abuse and damaging comments about their teachers on social networking sites, according to... 36% in UK will never buy own home
23rd April
U.K. house prices are so high that a third of British people will never buy their own home. A report from ... Death threats over new Banksy painting
19th April
A painting by the "guerilla artist" Banksy is the focus of a big argument in England. It appeared overnight on a building and could be worth up to $150,000... Australian wins at World Pizza Championship
15th April
An Australian won the prize for best Neapolitan pizza at the World Pizza Championship in Italy. Chef Johnny Di Francesco has a restaurant in ...
  Doubts cast on influenza medication
11th April
Experts are questioning why money was spent on developing and stocking up on influenza drugs.
  Nigeria becomes Africa's biggest economy
7th April
Nigeria changed how it measures gross domestic product (GDP) and is now Africa's largest economy, for the first time.
  7 portions of fruit & vegetables a day best
3rd April
We are always told that five portions of fruit and vegetables are enough to keep disease away and to live longer.
  11 Asian nations declared polio-free
30th March
The World Health Organization (WHO) has said 11 countries in South-East Asia were polio-free.
  Unusual fashion gets you more respect
26th March
Researchers say that people who dress differently get more respect. They looked at how we view the status and competence of people who do not dress "normally".
  $33 million Fabergé egg found at market
22nd March
A rare antique egg designed by the famous Russian jeweller Fabergé was bought at a market in the USA.
  EU votes for universal phone charger
18th March
Have you ever thought why phone chargers are all different? European lawmakers have thought about the same thing. In the future…
  Chinese maths teachers to help UK schools
14th March
The UK wants Chinese teachers to try to increase the level of maths in its schools. Chinese students have the highest international test results.
  Minecraft video "more popular than Bieber"
10th March
Minecraft is a concern for parents. Their children spend endless hours in their own cyber-world. However, one man has made lots of fans and money from the game.
  Childcare fees higher than housing costs in UK
6th February
British parents pay more on childcare each year than on their mortgage. This is according to a survey from a British childcare group.
  Tensions escalate in Ukraine
2nd March
Tensions are rising in Ukraine after president Viktor Yanukovych left the country. Thousands of protestors fought bloody battles in the capital, Kiev for weeks.
  Mount Everest security guards to stop fights
24th February
Tempers get hot even on freezing Mount Everest. So hot that there are fights among climbers there. One last April was between European and Sherpa climbers.
  Google investing $1billion in renewable energy
20th February
Google is investing $1billion in renewable energy, like solar energy and wind farms. It wants to become totally green.
  Belgium to allow euthanasia for children
16th February
Belgium became the first country to pass a law to allow euthanasia for dying children. There were 86 votes for the bill, 44 against, and 12 no-votes.
  No free wi-fi biggest tourist complaint
12th February
A hotel survey shows that no free wi-fi is the third biggest complaint among holidaymakers. Many tourists and travellers say they need it.
  New York more fashionable than Paris
8th February
New York is the world's most fashionable city. It won the 2014 Top Global Fashion Capital contest. London won in 2011 and 2012, but was third this year, behind Paris. Los Angeles was fourth, while Barcelona….
  Australia to dump sludge in Great Barrier Reef
4th February
Australia has OK'd a plan to dump 3 million cubic meters of sludge in the Great Barrier Reef. The mud will come from widening a coal port on the nearby coast.
  Mass graves in Balochistan reveal over 100 bodies
31st January
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has found 169 bodies in graves in Balochistan, Pakistan. They are thought to be from groups calling for freedom for Balochistan.
  USA Olympics uniforms 'security risk' in Sochi
27th January
American athletes at the Sochi Winter Olympics may be at risk if they wear their Team USA uniforms outside the security zones. Security is perhaps the tightest for any Olympics ever.
  Night work could damage your health
23rd January
New research says night shifts can damage one's health. It can lead to cancer, diabetes, mental illnesses, and heart diseases. The UK's Sleep Research Centre found that genes in the body needed to sleep regularly and at night.
  IBM to invest $1.2 billion in cloud services
19th January
IBM is investing $1.2 billion in cloud computing. The tech giant wants to be a bigger player in cloud storage. It will build 15 high-tech data centres worldwide.
  Armed police to wear body cameras in London
15th January
Armed police in London will soon wear body cameras. This will make what happened clearer when police shoot people. It comes after the death of a 29-year-old Londoner in 2011.
  Record number of Rolls-Royces sold in 2013
11th January
Rolls-Royce had record sales in 2013. It's the fourth year it has done this. It sold 3,630 cars because of strong demand in the Middle East and China.
  Mental health nurses staff UK police stations
7th January
The UK will pilot a scheme to help mentally ill people in police stations. Mental health nurses will work with them across England. They will spot those with problems earlier.
  Candy Crush Saga most downloaded app
3rd January
Candy Crush Saga was 2013's most downloaded app, being downloaded 500 million times. It also earned the most revenue. It is a favourite with gamers.
  U.N. makes first ever cut in staff
30th December
The U.N. will cut staff for the first time ever. It OK'd its first cut since it first started in 1945. There will be 219 fewer positions, or two per cent of all U.N. jobs.
  Couple get married in Shrek costumes
26th December
A dream came true for a woman who wanted a fairy tale wedding. Amanda Gibbs, from England, married her fiancé of eight years on Saturday in a fairy-tale ceremony.
  Cubans can now buy a car more easily
22nd December
It is now easier to buy foreign made, new and used cars in Cuba. The Council of Ministers of Cuba decided, "to open up the retail sale of…motorcycles, cars, vans and minibuses."
  Jade Rabbit sends photos from the Moon
18th December
China's expedition to the Moon sent back its first photos of the surface.
  Uruguay to legalise marijuana trade
14th December
Uruguay became the first country to legalise the production and distribution of marijuana. Now the government has total control of the growing and selling of marijuana (also called cannabis).
  UK leader tells schools - teach Mandarin, not French
10th December
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron has said British schools should teach Mandarin instead of French or German. He will double the number of students studying Chinese in the UK .
  Bicycles outsell cars in most EU countries
6th December
The BBC says people in 26 European countries bought more bicycles than cars in 2012. One reason for this is the recession in many countries after the global financial crisis. Austerity measures left consumers with less money.
  More hospital staff being attacked in UK
2nd December
Attacks against hospital staff are rising in the U.K. Britain's health service says violent assaults increased by six per cent in the past year. There were 63,199 attacks in 2012-13. That's over 173 every day.
  Central African Republic in chaos, says UN
28th November
The U.N. has asked for urgent help for the Central African Republic. The UN's Jan Eliasson said it was "descending into complete chaos". There is almost a state of anarchy after rebels took power in March.
  London 'slaves' rescued after 30 years
24th November
Three women were rescued from a London house after being held for 30 years. Police raided the home and were shocked by the "horrific conditions" the women were kept in for three decades.
  Campaign to ban car hands-free phones
20th November
There is a big road-safety campaign in Britain to ban hands-free mobile phones. The charity Brake also wants drivers to switch off phones while driving. It said fines for calling or texting should also be increased by up to tenfold.
  Aid too slow in reaching Philippine needy
16th November
The U.N. humanitarian coordinator Valerie Amos has said aid is too slow to get to survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. She told reporters how urgent it was to act quicker. She said the situation was "dismal".
  Being bilingual may delay dementia
12th November
A study shows that being bilingual may delay dementia by five years. Researchers found that bilingual people showed far fewer signs of dementia than monolingual people. Dr. Thomas Bak said: "Bilingualism can be seen as a successful brain training…which can help delay dementia."
  Toronto mayor smoked crack cocaine
8th November
The under-pressure mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has admitted smoking crack cocaine when he was drunk. For many months, he said he hadn't smoked cocaine. Fighting back the tears, he apologised to Toronto citizens.
  Putin world's most powerful person
2nd November
"Forbes" magazine said Vladimir Putin is the world's most powerful person. Barack Obama is second. "Forbes" makes lists of the rich and famous. This list asked if "the autocratic leader of a former superpower" had more power than "the handcuffed commander-in-chief" of the world's most dominant country.
  Media says Obama knew US spied on Merkel
29th October
German media is asking how much President Obama knows about the spying on Angela Merkel. One magazine said the USA started tapping Ms Merkel's mobile phone in 2002, under George W. Bush. It says Obama knew about the tap in 2010, before he visited Berlin.
  Baldness treatment a 'step closer'
25th October
Help is near for the millions who suffer from and worry about baldness. Scientists say they are close to growing new hair. This is also good news for burns victims. They will be those helped first by any new treatment. The scientists have grown new hair in the laboratory.
  Housework not good exercise, says study
21st October
A study says people should not think housework is quality exercise. It said that people who did the most housework were usually the most overweight. The study questioned whether housework keeps us healthy.
  Eating popcorn makes ads less effective
17th October
A German University says adverts at cinemas are less effective when people eat popcorn. A report said people remember the names of products by silently saying them. This is difficult with a mouth full of popcorn. The report is titled "Popcorn in the Cinema: Oral Interference Sabotages Advertising Effects".
  Republicans and Obama in debt crisis talks
13th October
President Barack Obama and a Republican leader have finally sat down for talks about the partial U.S. government shutdown and the possible debt crisis. They didn't come up with any answers, but people are positive that talks are happening. A senior Republican said the talks were "very useful" and "clarifying".
  Top store hits back at "wardrobing" fraud
9th October
A chain of department stores wants to stop people buying expensive clothes, wearing them once and then getting a refund. This "return fraud" is called "wardrobing". It happens to around 65 per cent of shops. Stores lose $8.8 billion a year.
  One in five songs "advertises" alcohol
5th October
Pop songs could encourage young people to drink alcohol. England's John Moores University looked at how many song lyrics mentioned drinking. It said health warnings about alcohol may be of little value because of references to alcohol in pop songs. One in five songs in the UK music charts mentions alcohol.
  New TomTato plant grows potatoes and tomatoes
1st October
A gardening company is selling a revolutionary new plant that grows up to 500 tomatoes plus a crop of potatoes. It is called the TomTato. A newspaper joked you can now get ketchup and fries from the same plant.
  Iran's Rouhani addresses UN General Assembly
27th September
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed the U.N. General Assembly. He called for "constructive engagement" based on "mutual respect and common interest". He said he didn't want to increase tensions with the U.S. The speech is seen as a change in Iran's foreign policy.
  Multiple-path stories for English students
23rd September
A project to help English learners read may soon start. The developers need to reach their funding target. The concept is a series of "multiple-path" books. Readers can choose the direction of the story. It is the idea of author Marcos Benevides.
  Newly-crowned Miss America suffers racist abuse
19th September
The new Miss America Nina Davuluri has received a lot of racist abuse after she won the pageant on Sunday. She is the first woman of Indian descent to win. On Twitter, people questioned why a "non-American" is Miss America. Many tweeters mistook her for an Arab or a terrorist.
  A third of kids get no bedtime story
15th September
It seems the tradition of bedtime stories for children is disappearing in Britain. A study from online retailer shows a third of parents do not read bedtime stories. It also said 50 per cent of kids prefer watching TV or playing computer games. Just five per cent of British under-sevens do not own a book.
  Trekker lost in Andes found alive
11th September
A Uruguayan man who disappeared in winter in the Andes has been found alive and well. Raul Fernando Gomez, 58, got lost in a blizzard while crossing the Andes. His motorbike broke down in the mountains. His only choice was to walk and hope a town was nearby. He got lost in the snow.
  Samsung unveils new smartwatch
7th September
amsung has unveiled its multi-function smartwatch – the Galaxy Gear. It is a different digital watch. It can make phone calls, receive emails and take photos. It can also run apps. Users move around different screens using swipes. It comes in six bright colours that give its body a a sci-fi feel.
  Internet damaging 20,000 U.K. stores
3rd September
The Internet has changed how we shop. More us shop online instead of in real stores. This is having terrible effects for traditional high-street stores in the U.K. A new report contains worrying statistics on the future of U.K. retailing. A CEO warns that 47 per cent of stores (20,000 shops) are "horribly stressed financially".
  Spanish festival charges for tomato throwing
30th August
Spain's famous tomato-throwing festival is now a "pay-to-join" event. This is because of the country's poor economy. The town of Bunol is charging tourists $13 for its Tomatina festival. Regardless, all 15,000 tickets for the hour-long tomato fight have been sold. Town residents will get free tickets.
  Volunteering helps you live longer
26th August
A new study says volunteering is good for us. A research paper in the journal BMC Public Health says helping others improves our mental health and lengthens our life. Researchers reviewed the effects of volunteerism on our health. They said volunteers were less depressed, felt good about themselves, and had a smaller chance of dying early.
  One Direction's movie premieres in London
22nd August
The U.K. band One Direction created excitement in London when thousands of fans went to see the premiere of their first movie. Some fans camped in London for three days to see the band. The first 200 hundred got tickets on the red carpet. Organisers asked many fans to watch the premiere at home because it was being streamed live.
  Facebook "selfies" can harm relationships
18th August
A study says people who post too many "selfies" on Facebook may harm their real-life relationships. A selfie is a self-portrait, usually taken at arm's length or in a mirror. Britain's Birmingham University looked at how selfies affected people's relationships. Their study found that sharing too many selfies makes many people like you less.
  Scientists search for real Mona Lisa
14th August
Scientists are close to finding the remains of the model for the Mona Lisa in an old tomb in Florence, Italy. They believe the skeleton of Lisa Gioconda, the wife of a 16th-century merchant, is there. An Italian cultural heritage group, plans to test the DNA of the bones to find out if she is the woman.
  Mothers face workplace discrimination
10th August
One in four British mothers feel discriminated against at work, according to a recent survey. Researchers asked 1,975 women about their work experiences. Most of the women never complained to bosses as they thought it would be a waste of time and damage their careers. The survey found mothers were promoted less than junior employees.
  U.S. rock group banned from Russia
6th August
An American rock group have been banned from playing at a music festival in Russia after a band member put the Russian flag inside his pants. Bass player Jared Hasselhoff put the flag into the front of his pants and pulled it out the back a concert in the Ukraine. He told the crowd, "Don't tell Putin".
  Saudi prince says fracking will hurt his nation
2nd August
Saudi billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal has warned that his nation is in danger unless it reduces its dependence on oil. A huge 92 per cent of Saudi's revenue comes from oil. He posted a letter online warning Gulf states and members of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
  'World of Warcraft' loses 2 million players
29th July
The "World of Warcraft" online game is losing subscribers. Almost two million players have left the game in 2013. Activision Blizzard, owners of the game, had 9.6 million subscribers last year. Now they have 7.7 million. However, it is still the world's most popular multiplayer online role-playing game.
  Scientists discover depression molecule
25th July
Scientists say they have found the part of the brain that makes us feel miserable, anxious and stressed. A British research company has located a protein related to depression called CRF1. The protein is important in controlling how the body reacts to stress. It is linked to stress-related diseases such as depression and anxiety.
  U.S. city of Detroit goes bankrupt
21st July
Detroit was once an engine of American industry. However, it is now the biggest U.S. city to go bust and bankrupt. Its emergency financial manager said the city couldn't pay its bills, and was $20 billion in debt. He asked for financial help so it could continue to function.
  Adidas suspends sponsorship of athlete Tyson Gay
17th July
Sportswear maker Adidas has put on hold its sponsorship of runner Tyson Gay after he failed a drugs test. Mr Gay is the joint second-fastest man ever to run 100 metres, and has the fastest time this year. He tested positive for a banned drug in May. Adidas said the news was shocking and that the contract was suspended.
  No frying eggs in Death Valley, says park
13th July
The Death Valley National Park has asked visitors to stop frying eggs on rocks. Many people have tried to see if it is hot enough to fry eggs after they saw a park worker doing so on YouTube.
  Finding cause of Asiana crash could take years
9th July
Air crash examiners said it could take years to find out why an Asiana Airlines flight crash-landed at San Francisco's airport on Saturday. Head investigator Deborah Hersman said it was too early to think about any pilots' mistakes. Many analysts already said that it probably wasn't an engine problem.
  Indian repatriates 3,700 prisoners in UAE
5th July
An Indian businessman in the United Arab Emirates has helped send home nearly 3,700 prisoners from various nations in UAE jails. They had finished their time in prison but had no money to pay their debts or buy an air ticket home. Firoz G. Merchant, 54, owner of a jewellery company, spent about $1,000,000 to free the men.
  Obama praises Mandela as an "inspiration"
1st July
U.S. President Barack Obama thanked Nelson Mandela for being his hero. Mr Obama was visiting South Africa. Although Mandela is very ill, Obama did not visit him. The White House said Obama cared about Mr Mandela's health. Obama told reporters that he didn't want to make Mr Mandela more ill.





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